We-küyen means -new moon- in Mapundungun, the language spoken in south-central Chile by the Mapuche people.

In the beginning of 2019, life brought us - a group of people that grew into friends- together in Chile. And this is when and where everything started: on the first we-küyen in 2019, we came together in a forest in Pichilemu to celebrate the joy of sharing, the joy of dancing and letting go, of vibrating and reconnecting to ourselves: https://vimeo.com/310384792

Since our foundation, we have hosted numerous open air parties and festivals in Chile and Berlin with the emphasis on creating a platform for experienced and emerging artists from South America and Europe to share their art.

All our experiences are centered around a warm and friendly welcome and thoughtful attention is placed on techniques to foster interaction and connection among all guests

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Unsere Artists



NasNan is a Chilean artist known for his heavily influenced South American rhythms and
enchanting vocals who loves bringing joy and laughter to the dance floor.



Fenu is a Chilean electronic music producer that combines the musical abilities of the digital
age with the timeless capacities of traditional instruments. Fenu's music is known for its
hypnotic voice-captures, mystic melodies and body conquering beats.



Monkyman is a Berlin based music producer and multi talented creative, whose music takes
us on a journey full of different ethnic sounds and lets us express our inner feelings. Let the
music talk, Monkyman!

el dorado.png

El Dorado

El Dorado background as a dancer comes through in his sound with deep percussive
rhythms and his unique ability to foresee what a dancefloor needs to keep on grooving.

links coming soon...

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Lisa Thaens

Lisa Thaens is an emerging DJ in Berlin with a sensitivity for sound and a unique ability to
transition from soft and slow sets to bouncy grooves that inherently makes one dance.

olivia palma.png

Olivia Palma

Olivia Palma is a local to many places and weaving together emotionally provactive

MonoAbe (1).png


MonoAbe is a Chilean musician, instrumentalist and producer, known for putting together a
very interesting mixture of live drums, digital + analog machines, percussion and



Ahau is a Dj and emerging producer from the South of Chile. His world music selections,
with tracks coming from all over the globe and with a particular taste for Balkan, Arab and
African groove, create true dance journeys and connection with air and earth.

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