No Shade

No Shade is a collective, training program and club night series for femme, trans and non-binary DJs. This floor will be hosted at CCTV Radio and features all levels of the No Shade fam: 2 core members, 2 graduates of the training program and our beloved friends from The Fake Art collective doing a b2b session. The energy is high, the bass is low - welcome to a journey of diasporic beats, a wide range of club music and plenty of booty bouncing.

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Unsere Artists

Folly Ghost (1).png

Folly Ghost

Folly Ghost is a Brazilian DJ/producer based in Berlin and a core member of No Shade. His tracks are a collection of seductive rhythms with a fierce bass that set the mood for a celebration of bodies. Mixtures of Baile Funk with Ballroom Beats are often featured in his sets, however Folly Ghost's main commitment is not to genres, but to creating an atmosphere of naughtiness and delight.

ALADA (1).jpeg


Alada is a brazilian DJ & music producer, and part of his evolution and purpose, as an artist and character, brings a new vision for those who understood as "music", "art" and "genre". Always with a paradigmatic break approach, his work is high in emotion and sexuality. Represented by the collectives Tormenta and The Fake Art. Now based in Berlin, Germany.

Bad Puppy (1).jpg

Bad Puppy

Bad Puppy is resident and co-funder of The CuloNizers Collective and part of the QTBPOC collective House of Living Colors. They are based in Berlin but raised in Iztapalapa, Mexico. They bring latin tunes from perreo experimenting with the dirtiest tunes perfect to dance the night away.  The aim is to want to decolonize your ass and sweat all your problems away. (Picture by @caribe_lunar)

Souci (1).jpg


Souci (SHE/HER) is a DJ, producer and label co-owner. She is a graduate from the latest No Shade DJ Mentoring Program 2020. Her appreciation for electronic music as it originated in Detroit and Chicago has shaped her sound: from ghetto techno, ghetto house, to footwork, but also breakbeat, jungle, trance and everything in between.

MTMA (1).jpg



Raised in the 90's. Failed as a rapper. Frozen. Awaken in the 2010's. Failed massively as a DJ. Traveled further in time. Fell in love with the chaos. Came back, convinced into converting the whole industry into the music of the future. Currently failing on it as well. 

Out of context, it seems that MTMA doesn't have an specific style, but she actually has her own: Electronic Trash Music - which can be translated as the worst of every style of the times and spaces she lived in.

Panasiagirl (1).jpg


Raised Singapore-Turkish, Panasiagirl is a core member of the No Shade collective based in Berlin. Taking contrasting experiences from living in Singapore, New York, LA, and Belgium, she plays with the intersectional elements to her music crossing East to West and working across genres from ambient pop, hybrid club, reggaeton, trance and rave.

© 2020 by Dies | Das Kollektiv. Made with <3 in Berlin. 

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